A showcase of spectacular trails and camping in western states.


This website is aimed at providing adventure seekers with information and recommendations concerning hiking trails and tent camping while traveling to the Western United States.  With the photography and information presented I hope you will become inspired to visit these places, evoking wonder with every new step on the trail. 


10 hiking and camping tips:

  1. Check the weather

  2. Bring extra water and a flashlight.

  3. Wear appropriate shoes and clothing.

  4. Have your I.D. and extra cash on hand.

  5. When you arrive at a National/State Park be sure to get a map of the area.

  6. Arrive early in the morning to have greater chance of obtaining a campsite.

  7. Don't forget a first aid kit.

  8. Check if there are bugs or bears where you will be camping.

  9. Have some toilet paper handy.

  10. Know your capabilities.