ABOUT: Nicolas Noel

Yearning for adventure?

 Take a break from work and the day to day grind.  Get away from the city and walk with nature exploring these miraculous places in the western United States.  


Growing up it was my grandparents who first began taking me camping.  I always appreciated the outdoors even at a young age but as I became older my respect for the natural world only intensified.  Camping with my grandparents will always be some of my favorite childhood memories although it wasn't until I started planning trips for myself that I truly understood the value of the entire experience.  I started hiking and camping locally in California and it wasn't long before I began planning longer adventures in different states nearby.  Every single western state has its own special places and unique geography.  I spent time researching different locations on the internet, staring at maps, contemplating different road trip routes, I just couldn't wait for my next vacation.  The obsession had begun for me.  We all need something outside of  work to help keep our lives flowing with healthy energy and spending time in the wilderness is that something for me.


I hope this website offers other adventurers with a starting point when considering places to camp, hike and explore in the western United States.  These road trips with my friends and family have been some of the most memorable experiences of my life and these places we traveled to are worth sharing.   So what are you waiting for?  Pack up your things, hit the road and make some memories that will last a lifetime!