Above : Horseshoe Bend

Lake Powell & Horseshoe Bend

    Located on the Utah/Arizona border is the canyon oasis of Lake Powell.  Lake Powell is in Glenn Canyon National Park and provides a spectacular setting for boating, fishing, swimming, camping, and much more.  Expect to pay an entrance fee of $25 and camping is first come first serve at a cost of $20 per night. The campgrounds at Wahweap Bay have well maintained bathrooms and fish cleaning stations nearby for your convenience.  Showers are available at the Visitor Center for $2 along with food, lodging, and gas in the nearby city of Page.

    To Horseshoe Bend :  Take Highway 89 south from Wahweap Bay and continue past Page. You will notice the turnout and parking lot for Horshoe Bend's viewpoint on your right hand side (see map below).  The walk from the parking lot to the rim is short and well maintained for easy accessibility.   


Recommended Activities:

1.)  Boating, fishing, and swimming

2.)  Horseshoe Bend

3.)  Rainbow Bridge


Above : Navajo Mountain